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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On the Sea

Last weekend me and Salme went sailing for the first time by ourselves. Everything went fantastic and we got back home alive. Now I'm a fully licenced captain. Woohaa!

However, one rather funny incident there was. There we were sailing towards Hanko in a really mild wind. The boat was hardly moving at all. All of a sudden a bird crashed into our main sail and stumbled on the deck. It looked around and decided our boat was its new home. Of course I had to grab my camera and get a few shots of this stupid pidgeon.

When we got home we started thinking that it might not be a pidgeon at all. It might in fact be a really rare turtle dove. I'm going to get it recognized by Birdlife Finland and see if I can make some money with the pictures.

I have updated my photo gallery to which you can find a link on the right hand side of the site. You'll find my photos from Iceland and the US as well as the photos from our trip to northern Norway and Lapland last September.

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