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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Lately I have been very unispired in photography. I have realized that I don't shoot enough to keep my standard of photography good enough. But I don't want to just wander around and shoot anything, rather I would like to have something specific to shoot. I have been trying to find something without a result so far.

I have also thought about trying to shoot and publish something everyday but I don't think I will. I tried shooting a picture a day a couple of years ago and I realized that it didn't make me a better photographer. It was only a stressful experience and most of the days I just ended up to shoot a crappy picture just to get it under way. After a couple of months I dropped the whole project.

So I will not start the project again at least not for now. Rather I will try shoot aand publish a decent picture every weekend for starters.

This weekend I went to see the castle of Mustio. It is not really a castle rather a mansion. According to a legend it is haunted. I didn't see any ghosts though. It is a nice place for a day trip from Helsinki. Plenty of strange things to see.

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