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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gone Fishing 2.0

You realize funny things when you start publishing your images on the web. For example I didn't know that I have a habit of shooting fishermen but here is already a second published image of one.

Recently I have also come to a conclusion that the crappier the weather the better it is for shooting. Today the wind was blowing around 21 m/s and rain was coming down every now and then. Luckily the sun came out for a while to provide me and other photo enthusiast with dramatic light and seascapes. I will publish a gallery of the seascapes shortly.

This will be the last post of this year. I will be looking forward to publishing a lot more the coming year. With this photo of this insane fisherman I wish you all a happy new year.

1 comment:

Miku said...

Great shot!

I have few of those as well:

Olympus E-3 would be nice for the crappy weather.