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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Seize the Moment

A couple of days ago I read this great column about exercising creativity and finding inspiration. One of the main points was not to be afraid of failure and not to take photos because of that. The author's point was that whenever you see something interesting you should take the photo and not to think about whether it is good or not. You can leave that to later. If you start hesitating the opportunity for that shot might pass by and you end up with no shot at all. It is better to have a bad shot than no shot at all and think about how it would have been. You might not get the oppotunity for that shot again.

On friday morning as I was preparing to go to work I looked out the window and saw the perfect light. I quickly grabbed my camera threw on a coat and rushed down the stairs. I managed to get this shot around the corner of our house but as I moved towards better spots for shooting the light washed out as the sun rose. Had I hesitated for a moment longer I would have ended with no shot at all. I think there is a lesson learned eventhough the picture is nothing special.

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